About Us

We are Erle and Helen Munch-Ellingsen. We created By Munch with the purpose of displaying Edvard Munch's famous art in new ways, and introducing lesser-known artworks to the public. We are second-cousins, and relatives of Edvard Munch. We grew up with his art,  and have always been proud of having such an amazing artist in our family.

Erle has a Bachelor of Photography from the University of the Arts in London. After many years working as a commercial photographer for a variety of Norwegian magazines, she started working with independent projects in film and photography. Her projects range from art to documentary. 

Helen has a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Photography from Edith Cowan University in Perth, and a Master of Fine Arts - New Media from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. For many years she combined freelance work with a career as a teacher within Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. Currently she works as a Freelance Illustrator and Designer.

Family Tree


Christian and Laura Christine Munch are our great-great-great-grandparents, and Edvard Munchs parents. Within seven years they got five children, before Laura died at age 31. Edvard Munch was five years at the time. Their aunt, Karen Bjølstad, raised the children like her own. The five siblings were all artistic, and Karen encouraged this talent. Apparently Johanne Sophie was the child with the most talent, but unfortunately she died of tuberculosis at age 15. Edvard Munch was the only one pursuing a career as an artist, and Karen bought him paint and canvases.

Edvard’s only brother, Peter Andreas, died at the age of 30, just months before his daughter Andrea was born. Andrea is our great-grandmother. She had a very special relationship with Edvard Munch, being the only child in the family.

Andrea had four children. Peter Andreas is Erle’s grandfather, and Arne is Helen’s grandfather.

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